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Eyebrows Semi Permanent makeup

Eyebrows semi permanent makeup in premier Beauty Centre in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Brow shape you’ve always dreamt of with Eyebrows Semi Permanent makeup

Proper brow shape can add a lot of beauty to your face. After the procedure your eyebrows can look elegant and perfect every minute of the day. Through using the correct shape and style, a great brow can help frame your face, adding expression, warmth and depth.

Eyebrows semi permanent makeup in premier Beauty Centre in Dublin 7 Smithfield

We will help you to choose suitable Eyebrows Semi Permanent makeup treatment

We are using different semi permanent makeup technics in order to achieve the most suitable look for you. Oasis Beauty works only with qualified professionals who have relevant education and experience in that area. Talk to our semi permanent makeup specialist to find out more about the procedure.

Contraindications for Eyebrows Semi Permanent makeup treatment

Please note that there are some contraindications to that treatment, as well as pre and after care requirements. That is why a detailed consultation is needed in order to be qualified for the semi permanent makeup.

Do not pluck your eye-brows for about a month before the treatment. It is important to moisturize your skin around your eyebrows just before the procedure. As a result your brows will be more expressive and the colour will stay longer.

After Eyebrows Semi Permanent makeup treatment

Directly after the treatment, pigment colour is quite intense. There is no need to worry, as the colour of your brows will fade away by 50% of the initial colour within 4 to 7 days. Several days after the treatment brows should be treated very delicately. It is not allowed to soak, rub or touch the pigmented skin. You should not use the sauna, solarium, SPA treatments, or go to the swimming pool. Brows should be moisturized several times a day, applying a very thin layer of special recommended cream.

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