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Spa Capsule

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About holistic spa capsule session

You just simply need to try this wonderful and amazing experience of our holistic spa capsule which is used in some of the best SPAs in the world.

The unique fusion of advanced technologies and ancient, time tested healing methods of Massage, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy and Audio-visual Relaxation Techniques will deeply relax you and provide an unmatchable hydromassage experience.

What can I expect from spa capsule session

You will feel rejuvenated, with all tension gone and your whole body recharged!

Spa Capsule in Dublin 7 Smithfield

The Spa capsule has the following functions:

  • Steam sauna for weight loss, skin products absorption, muscle tension release and deep relaxation
  • Spa jet for water massage
  • Vichy shower for firming and body toning as well for the relaxation session
  • Aromatherapy
  • Photon light for anti-ageing and general skin care as phototherapy stimulates production of new collagen and elastic fibres as well as skin revitalization

Benefits of spa capsule session

Treatments in Spa capsule help with skin restoration, muscle tension and skin irritation. Energetic hot massage improves blood flow to the relevant organs of the body. 35 min session improves immunity and helps fight infections. Relaxation programme helps remove tension and stress.

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