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Thermal jade massage bed

Thermal jade massage bed in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Experience a piece of pure heaven with thermal jade massage bed session

The SYOGRA Thermal Jade massage bed is a perfect treatment for a healthy and flexible spine and is quite simply the best massage bed available on the market.

During this amazing experience, enjoy a relaxing massage with infrared heated JADE massage rollers that move along the spinal column, from the hip to the neck and along the calf and the quadriceps.

Recommended before thermal jade massage bed session

You don't need to change for this massage as you will stay in your own clothes. That is why SOFT and COMFORTABLE CLOTHES are advised.

Contraindications for Thermal Jade massage bed

  • Strong infections
  • Arthritis
  • Heart problems
  • Malignant tumors
  • Fever
  • Osteoporosis
  • Vertebral disks disorders
  • Artificial organs, joints or other implants
  • Pregnancy - please check with your GP first if you can come for the massage
  • Weight over 20 stones (130kg)
  • Relaxing Thursdays - 15% OFF deal on thermal jade massage bed
  • Buy package of 3 thermal jade massage bed sessions and get 15% discount deal!

How does thermal jade massage bed work

The automatic massage warms up and relieves the back muscles, sinews and body tissue and provides a wonderful, warm feeling that radiates throughout your back.

Thermal jade massage bed in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Regular sessions will help keep your spine in good condition and besides that, the heavenly experience will improve your general wellbeing by leaps and bounds!

Book a full package of few sessions of this wonderful treatment to give your body regular, healthy experience with a lower price.

Check this quick video to find out how Thermal Jade Massage Bed works.

How does thermal jade massage bed work

Modes with Thermal Jade Massage bed:

Far Infrared Rays mode with Thermal Jade Massage bed

Far Infrared Rays emitted by high quality Jade and MuYu stones can penetrate your body tissue and muscles deeply. It can help to increase your blood circulation, makes the muscles and sinews more flexible and helps to decrease pain.

Hot Stone Massage mode with Thermal Jade Massage bed

Enjoy a hot stone massage of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and body tissue with the especially designed massage rollers. The SYOGRA massage sledge will lift up your body and stretch in this way the warmed up muscles and sinews. While relaxing the spinal cord locked vertebras can come back to their original position.

Acupressure mode with Thermal Jade Massage bed

Through the Jade and MuYu massage stones and the special massage programs you can apply Acupressure at different points at your spinal cord. The shape of the massage rollers are similar to the human thumb, while the rollers stop they will softly press and relieve compressed nerves by correcting the alignment of the spinal cord.

Moxibustion mode with Thermal Jade Massage bed

A traditional Chinese therapy. It is used to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating the human blood and increase the Qi. It helps to relax the complete body and can be used against sleeplessness as well as to energize and strength the body in the case of cold.

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