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Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic Data Protection Statement

Who we are?

Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic; Address: Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic, Unit 2, Block E, Thundercut Alley, Smithfield Market, Dublin 7, Ireland, Email:

What do we do?

The mission of Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic is to provide the latest developments in cosmetology in a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic recognises that the protection of the personal data of customers and employees, through appropriate processes, controls, and discretion, is an essential part of our brand.

Who do we process data about?

Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic processes personal data about:

Where do we get your data from?

We get data about you from you in cases when:

How long do we keep it for?

We will retain your personal details as a past, current or future employee in line with employment law. We will keep the personal data of customers for no longer than is deemed necessary. We retain the personal data of any suppliers for as long as is deemed relevant and legally necessary.

Where do we keep your data?

Third party service providers contracted by Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic hold personal data in secure data centres inside the EEA and also transfer personal data to servers in the US under the Privacy Shield agreement with the EU. We regularly review the legality of all cross border transfers. All transfers are fully encrypted and secure.

Do we share your data?

We may be legally obliged to share your data with government agencies, for example for employment or financial compliance. We may also have interfaces with software providers that allow them to access your personal data. These situations are on the basis of a third party data processor agreement which contain clear contractual safeguards for personal data.

What are your rights and who should you contact?

Individuals have rights over their personal data under EU law. These rights are not absolute and some qualifications and restrictions do apply. In summary your rights are: Right to be informed; Right of access; Right to rectification; Right to be forgotten / erasure; Right to restrict processing; Right to object; Right to refuse automated decision making and/or profiling; Right to portability. You also have the right to seek compensation through the courts in the event that you believe your data privacy rights have been infringed. Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic is committed to helping individuals exercise their rights. If you have a query we recommend you contact the manager of Oasis Beauty Day Spa & Skincare Clinic or you can email:

Contact Details for the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

Telephone: +353 57 8684800 / +353(0)761 104 800 / Lo Call No. 1890 252 231. Email:

Address: Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois.

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